Piano Sonata No.4 2016/7 for solo Piano

Mesoscale Fanfare 2017 for orchestra, commissioned by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Dawn of consciousness 2016 for solo Gayaguem/Voice, commissioned by Jocelyn Clark

I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas [long version] 2016 for large orchestra

Piano Sonata No.3 2016 for solo Piano, commissioned by Michael Kieran Harvey

“Fall, leaves, fall” 2016 for six voices (AATTBarB)

diaphanous nebulosities 2016 for solo timpanist, written for Matt Goddard

I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas 2015 for orchestra

String Quartet No.4 2014 for Silo String Quartet

A Universal History of Infamy (Piano Sonata No.2) 2014 for solo Piano

Constellationism IV 2014 version for Soprano Saxophone and String Quartet

Songs of the South 2014 for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano

Constellationism IV 2013 for Soprano Saxophone and Piano/Vibraphone

Constellationism III 2013 for Flautist and 4 Percussionists

String Quartet No.3 A Letter to the King of Norway Part 2 2012

A Letter to the King of Norway 2012 Written as part of the Composing in the Wilderness workshop, Fairbanks Alaska as part of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival 2012. Scored for 2 Violins, Viola and French Horn

Homage to Lutoslawski 2012 for violin and piano

Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra 2012

Particles of Time 2012 for orchestra

Fire on the Snow 2010-2 Opera based on the radio play of the same name written by Douglas Stewart

Fire on the Snow 2010 for 13 Solo Strings Suite No.1

The Ice Barrier 2010 For Baritone voice. Words by Douglas Stewart

Version for baritone voice and orchestra
Version for baritone voice and chamber ensemble

The Circular Ruins 2010 for Orchestra

Vacuum Metastability Event (Piano Sonata No.1) 2009 Piano Sonata written for Michael Kieran Harvey

Constellationism II 2009 Chamber ensemble (A.Fl., EbCl., Perc., Pno., Vn., Vc.)

Constellationism I 2009 for Orchestra

The Garden of Forking Paths 2009 Orchestra. Written for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

String Quartet No.2 2008 String Quartet. For Silo String Quartet

Gen Sh Lsi 2008 Solo Tenor Trombone/Piano Written for Barrie Webb

Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius 2008 Two Percussionists and Large Ensemble written for Speak Percussion (Eugene Ughetti/Peter Neville)

The Dark Underneath 2008 Contra-forte Bassoon and Orchestra written for Brock Imison

Concerto for Clarinet 2008 Solo Clarinet (adaptation of Violin Concerto)

Cenozoic 7 Guitar Songs 2008 Mezzo-soprano/2 Guitars

Sonata for Flute/Piano 2007/8 Alto/Bass Flute and Piano

String Quartet No.1 2007 String Quartet. For Silo String Quartet

Concerto for Violin And Orchestra 2005-6 Solo Violin and Orchestra

Particle Matter 1997 Solo Amplified Guitar. Written for Geoffrey Morris

Zen (Orac Remix) 1997 Electronic Strings and Improvised Trumpet

Sunspots 1995-6 Percussion Ensemble (2 Players)

Infinity Has No God 1992-3 Orchestra. Written for the National Orchestral Composers School 1993

Notarikon 1992 Solo Eb Clarinet. Written for Carl Rosman

Equus 1992 For Solo Baroque flute Performed at Melba Hall (1992) by Sue Hornsby


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